My sculptural work has come about as an extension of my drawing practice, first by working through installations of two­dimensional material, and now incorporating free­standing structures alongside it. These two processes find a way to interact with one another through my examination of girlhood and corporeal boundaries. The sculpture often takes a layered approach, and often comes as the result of several two­dimensional planes layered and collaged over one another: sculpture made via a drawing sensibility.

At the core of my work is the permeability of the body and the dissolution of both physical and socially­-constructed boundaries that make up the self. The emission of fluids from the body provides a rupture of these boundaries, and can be used as a site of transgression against social mores. I apply these notions to the concept of girlhood, which comes with a share of specific social expectations to be well-­behaved, pretty, and pleasant, among other things. The blurred physical boundaries of the girls I create are at once negotiating their position of bodies in flux as well as using these ruptures to rebel against the codes prescribed to them.

I attempt to explore these things with humour and vulnerability, culling symbols from art history and popular culture to bring forth questions on the place of feminism in youth culture and how such social movements can be appropriated in the search for identity that comes with growing up.

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