river“Psst! Write in third person. Self-aggrandizement is much easier that way!”

Beth Frey is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist. After shifting around from coast to coast (and back to coast again), she decided something looked familiar but strange about Toronto, and there she stayed. Although she primarily works in ink on paper, much of her past work has included soft sculpture, video, painting, and performance. She would like to soon revisit all these forms (except maybe performance – she thinks she’s become too introverted over the years).

Four years after completing her BFA at the University of Victoria, Beth is a little weary from travelling and decides to get back to her favorite thing. She’s simplified a bit over the years, but still wants to get to the core of all things human by telling stories and making pictures. “Ha ha,” laugh her imaginary detractors, “good luck trying to convey the universal.” Beth straightens her shoulders and tries to un-crick the crick in her neck, “I’ll never claim to know it all, but I would really like to explore it. Surely everybody experiences loss and loneliness and confusion from time to time. And we try to distract ourselves from that through love or religion or television. I just want to put that in pictures.”

Oh Beth, you’re such a softy.

(My Etsy shop can be found here, and my CV here.)

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